Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stephanie wants...

I like that idea Julie! I think I'll do the same:


Stephanie wants the company to go in another direction now, and Ridge comments that he is not staying and neither is she.

Stephanie wants to know if you have any children.

Stephanie wants to sell BeLieF to wage this war.

Stephanie wants to do 43 things.

Stephanie wants to visit 10 places.

Stephanie wants to spare her a lifelong feeling of being second best.

Stephanie wants to be a police officer and work with juveniles and gangs.

Stephanie wants to travel and make a difference in the world.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stephanie needs...

I remember seeing this somewhere before and thinking it was pretty funny. Just go to and in the search bar, type "(your name) needs" then list the first page of results (in their complete sentences.)

Sooo... I typed in "Stephanie needs" and this is what I got.

1) Stephanie needs to be in a family where there are no other children or animals.

2) Stephanie needs cash fast, but times are tough.

3) Stephanie needs some help, look at those pants!

4) Stephanie needs a strong manly shoulder to lean on (preferably an alpha one).

5) Stephanie needs to buy up all their company's stock.

6) Stephanie needs Ranger's savvy and expertise.

7) Stephanie needs to find a missing mother and child.

8) Stephanie needs Rhinoplasty surgery.

9) Stephanie needs to watch her back.

10) Stephanie needs some good old fashioned soap, and someone to wash her mouth out.

One little two little three little sheepies...

I can't sleep. It's 5:46am. I can't freaking sleep. This makes two nights in a row.

I battle insomnia probably once or twice every month and each time it lasts about three to four days - worst case ever for me was about two and a half weeks. Nothing natural that I know of works. I did try a sleep-aid and that helped me... but I don't want to be dependent on some drug to give me rest.

My tea is ready to be drank (drunk?) and that is what I'm going to do now. I hope you are all sleeping soundly in your comfy beds. I wish I were too. :(

Monday, November 28, 2005

I hate VCRs and rain right now.


I just got out of class, and I can't leave the building because it is raining like crazy outside right now. To top it off, I was planning on having a nice evening of Desperate Housewives with Julie tonight (I had to tape it last night because I wasn't at home) But I discovered, to my dismay, this afternoon that it didn't work - It's just a blue screen. I don't know what I did wrong. I am so technically challenged.

Anyway... I just thought I'd kill some time while waiting for the rain to slow... It sounds like it's stopped... so I'm going to head on home.

What I'm thinking:

I wonder who's going to win the Wick this year?

I wonder if someone from here will win the Margie contest?

What would I do if someone broke into my house right now? Would I freeze? Scream? Fight? Cry? Pass out? I'd like to think I would have enough bearings to grab something hard to strike with.

What would I do if the train derailed right now and fell into my house?

I wonder if I will hear from DNB about an interview sometime in the near future? Has that position already been filled?

Why does Nick love me? What if he stops loving me?

Where will I live next year? Will I have a nice apartment? Will it be in OH?

Should I apply to PhDs? Would I get in? Could I really do all that writing?

Should I apply for a Stegner? What if I got it? What if I had to go to CA? What would I do? Would Nick come too? Would he get one too?

Why am I so hungry?

What if there was a tornado right now? Would I have time to get my mattress into the bathroom to cover the tub? Would it matter?


And I've got so many other weird things going through my brain right now... No wonder I can't sleep.

I love love love

Orchids! They are my favorite flowers.

This was my orchid. She was a beautiful little lady. I miss her. She perished and left her stems behind, which eventually perished of loneliness.

I stumbled across these picture of my orchid while looking for other pictures in my phone. I might, after Christmas, have to get another one... maybe not though. I don't want my cat to eat it. (These pictures were pre-Kitsch).

I'm tired. It's sooooooooooooo late. I'm going to attempt to sleep now. Maybe I'll eat first though. Eh. Who knows?

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Thanks for the laugh Dave

I want him...

His name is Mikey. I found his picture and information at the Ohio Sphynx rescue webpage: The cats listed on the page need their little eyes and ears cleaned out... but otherwise, the rescue seems like a very reputable place that tries very diligently to get the cats placed in forever homes.

Mikey is an adorable little fellow. He's young and he is missing an eye. But that makes me love him more. With a good scrubbing and a nice ear cleaning he will be more beautiful than he is already. He looks like he's got character and a really loveable personality. I think Kitsch and Mikey would get along really well.

If I get a good job soon... I may just have to try and buy him.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I didn't get to go to WV for Thanksgiving. It snowed pretty heavily here in OH. I don't have great tires... and decided to just be safe.

Soooo... I went and bought a turkey today. And some stove top stuffing. And some gravy. And a pumpkin pie. And I'm going to eat until I can't stand up.

Since it is Thanksgiving. I suppose I will say just what it is that I am thankful for:

1) A wonderful man, my Nick, who takes care of me, who listens to me complain, who comforts me when I'm sad, who thinks of me, sometimes, even before himself. It is impossible to think that this time last year I was starting to go through the worst depression of my life, and now... I'm at one of the happiest points in my life. Nicholas - You truly are important to me. I hope you know how much you mean to me and how much I love you.

2) My family. I know it's a standard answer. But I really am thankful for my family. My mother is like a best friend to me. My father is so proud of me and tries really hard to back me up when I need it. My brother is a miracle! He is my little hero (well not so little anymore.) He has battled complete blindness and won, he's battled cancer and won, he's a fighter and he never complains! And my sister is a little sweetheart when she wants to be. She looks up to me and that means alot to me.

3) My little Kitschy cat. He is so sweet and huggable. He loves to be beside me. He is my only company today, on Thanksgiving, and he is the perfect companion.

4) My friends. Unfortunately, it seems like I don't get to spend enough time with my friends... but each of them holds a special place in my heart. I know that sounds terribly cheesy, but it's true. My friends keep me sane, keep me focused.

I'm thankful for so much more... But I have to go baste my little turkey.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Eat lots of food!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

If I were an animal...

Thanks Quizilla
What is your Animal Personality?

My predictions for this weekend

a) A total of two fights with my grandmother this weekend. One between her and my father and one between her and the rest of the family.

b) A total of four fights between me and my father. Three of these fights will be small - probably during a board game or a trip to the grocery store. One will be gigantic, at which time I will threaten to come back home (to OH).

c) My mother will make us all say what we are thankful for at least twice on Thanksgiving day, and probably once the day after.

d) My brother will be gone the morning of his birthday "taking care of business" he will call it. (He is turning 21).

e) My mother will wake me every morning at 9am to talk - even though I'm on break and I will ask her to allow me to sleep in.

f) I will suffer multiple allergy attacks. One will be brought on by Sugar (our white cat) trying to curl up on my face while I rest on the couch. One will be brought on by Pepper (our black cat) trying to lick my ears while I watch TV. One will be brought on by my Chinchillas' dust bath. I will probably suffer several others.

g) I will be scolded at least once for using the cell phone internet while watching TV.

h) I will find a stack of mail for me that has been sitting at the house for months that no one has told me about.

i) I will be asked to drive my sister around, because "she never gets to spend time with her big sister."

j) I will be asked to go to church - I will be asked again - I will be waked up on Sunday morning - I will be asked another time - I will end up going.

k) My name will show up on my brother's cake since I wasn't home for my birthday - even though my birthday is over and even though I do not eat cake.

l) My aunt will bring me a birthday gift. Probably something frog related. Probably something plastic. Probably wrapped in a goodwill shirt.

m) I will not get any writing done.

n) My little Kitsch will get hissed at twice by Sugar and once by Pepper while my father insists they "get to know each other" and Fatty, the dog, will sniff the heck out of Kitsch's buttal area.

o) My mother will attempt to vaccuum my room while I sleep.

p) My mother will attempt to vaccuum while I watch my television shows in the living room.

q) My sister will ask me to buy her something every time we visit a grocery/dollar store.

r) I will be asked by my brother for some quality "demon-dog" time. That's what he calls me. I'm not quite sure why.

s) I will be offered money by my grandmother, I will refuse, she will insist. It will be 20 dollars.

t) My father will scuttle to find a radio at noon on Thanksgiving to listen to Alice's Restaurant, which we will all run and hide from. We will end up sitting through the whole 20 minute song and be forced to sing the refrain.

u) I will be asked several times how much money I have.

v) I will be asked to skip my monday classes and stay another day.

w) I will be asked to drop out of school and move back home.

x) I will be asked to wait to leave until after a game of pool, which will last until 1pm even though I want to leave by 12pm so I'm not driving at night.

y) I will be called once while I'm driving home so my father can guess where I am.

z) A toll-booth operator will ask "is that a cat?" upon seeing Kitsch on my lap in the car.

and finally...

I will be home on Sunday night.

Have a happy turkey day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I would love a Quiznos Angus Steak sub...


I should be writing right now.

For some reason, I am having the worst time breaking open that space between my head and the paper -- I just can't seem to get in there right now.

I have this wonderful idea... It's right there in my mind, waiting for me to breathe and I can't seem to figure out how to open my mouth. I know that sounds confusing... but it's the only way I can seem to say what the problem is.

I usually don't feel like writing during daylight hours... too much distraction... but right now I feel like writing - I just can't.

GAH! Everything is coming out all wrong. Oh well.


My car should be fixed by this afternoon. I called the Dealership that I took it to and the guy said it indeed was the starter. Grr. Kiss that 365 dollars goodbye.


Tomorrow I leave for WV. Should be an interesting week. We'll see how that goes.

As Confucious might say...

Man who fart in church, sit in own pew.

Man who drop watch in toilet bound to have crappy time.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Car car bo bar banana fana fo far me mi mo mar... I hate my car

I hate my car right now. It's at the dealer getting a new starter because, well, it won't start.

I say, Screw the GM dealer on Main St. that I took my car to, because they want to charge me 365 dollars to fix the thing. But I'm going to have to pay it so I can go to WV for Thanksgiving.

Well, now I have to pay for this thing, and for my insurance, and for my rent, and for the tolls and gas to get home. I am having a very financially aggravating evening.

So - I'm going to go eat my troubles away! Chicken Voila! The troubles are gone.

I'm going to go hug Nick too. That usually helps ease my tension.

Took Julie's Quiz...

Yay! I love this poet! I wish I really were her.

You're Matthea Harvey! Julie thinks you are clever
and nifty. She intially hated you, but when she
realized you were not super-skinny, she knew
you were the real deal.

Which of Julie Platt's Favorite Poets Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The weekend is over! Time to rest!

I forgot to introduce Kitsch!

Kitsch is my precious little kitty. Yes, you are seeing correctly, even though that second picture is blurry. He has no hair and he is dressed as Frankenstein. Well, actually... he is only wearing the Frankenstein head, I didn't have the rest of the costume on him when I took these pictures. (This was his Halloween costume). He is a sphynx - and is very social. He loves people and he loves to be curled up under the covers next to me when I sleep. He does have a bit of a biting problem... he likes to play "bite the mommy" which is not so fun for me, I tend to lose - considering my mommy is all the way in WV.


Today was nice! Winter Wheat was fun. Nick and I went a little late today. It was so early (okay it was at 10am - but we were out with T and T until really late.) So we came at noon and brought the peanut butter. After lunchtime we went to the speed scrabble session. It was a lot of fun, much more fun than regular scrabble - and that's saying something, because I usually like regular scrabble.

Then, spent some time with Julie, watching Desperate Housewives... such a good show.

And... now I'm tired, so it's off to bed with me.

Friday, November 18, 2005

"I'm not looking at you...hehehe"

Ugh. It was a busy day today.

Went to two writing workshops - Coyote's Ekphrasis workshop (Got a little writing out of that) and Julie, Gary's and Erika's Writing Crossing Writing workshop (Got some nice exercises for teaching out of that).

Went to three readings - Noyes (Fiction), Memmer (Poetry) and Looney (Poetry). All were very good... the latter was long, very long.

Went to a rummage sale - paid $20 for a cool fake kewpie doll. It's really creepy, but pretty sweet. Just look at the picture at the top, It's like it's saying "I'm not looking at you... hehehe" and then it pulls a scythe from behind its back and hacks off its own head, which grows legs and arms and becomes another doll and the headless body grows another head and they both come after you... okay... maybe that's extreme. But the doll is fing creepy.

And tomorrow is equally long, if not longer. But it's fun. I have to be up at 6:30am.

I Also stumbled across this link: Looks interesting. Seems doable. But does it work?

If I were a U.S. coin...

I'd be a penny -
They're unique... the only coin that isn't silver. They march to the beat of their own drum.

They're small, but not too small... not as big as a quarter, but not teensy-tiny like a dime.

They're lucky... People place alot of faith in them, heck, you just have to find one lying on the ground face up to have a good day.

They don't get passed from one person to the next... They aren't flashy and "important" so they don't get wasted, they usually get to stay with one person for awhile before they get gotten rid of, or lost (but hey, even when they get lost, someone picks them up right away... see above).

They have value, at least some dead white dude thought so when he said "A penny saved is a penny earned."

Thursday, November 17, 2005

hmm... intriguing

I saw this quiz on Julie's blog and took it... and this is who I be if I be not me.

You are Sylvia Plath
You are Sylvia Plath. People think you are sweet
and pretty, but inside you are raging pit of
ambition and despair. Darkness is your friend,
and you would do well to avoid being alone.

Which Famous Modern American Poet Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Week at a glance

Things I hope happen this week:

-a call for an interview
-get some mail that is interesting
-receive my yoga pants and fleece sweater from UPS
-get my uncle's birthday card
-get my car fixed without having to pay money

Things that probably will NOT happen this week:

-a call for an interview
-get some mail that is interesting
-receive my yoga pants and fleece sweater from UPS
-get my uncle's birthday card
-get my car fixed without having to pay money

Things that probably WILL happen this week:

-More TV
-More Food

Hooray for blogging.

And this is just a test...