Monday, November 28, 2005

What I'm thinking:

I wonder who's going to win the Wick this year?

I wonder if someone from here will win the Margie contest?

What would I do if someone broke into my house right now? Would I freeze? Scream? Fight? Cry? Pass out? I'd like to think I would have enough bearings to grab something hard to strike with.

What would I do if the train derailed right now and fell into my house?

I wonder if I will hear from DNB about an interview sometime in the near future? Has that position already been filled?

Why does Nick love me? What if he stops loving me?

Where will I live next year? Will I have a nice apartment? Will it be in OH?

Should I apply to PhDs? Would I get in? Could I really do all that writing?

Should I apply for a Stegner? What if I got it? What if I had to go to CA? What would I do? Would Nick come too? Would he get one too?

Why am I so hungry?

What if there was a tornado right now? Would I have time to get my mattress into the bathroom to cover the tub? Would it matter?


And I've got so many other weird things going through my brain right now... No wonder I can't sleep.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger garylmcdowell said...

You or Nick will win the Wick.

I'm gonna win Margie... okay, maybe not, but hey, what's wrong with positive thinking?

No one will break into your house... and if they do, God help them. Kitsch would kick their ass.

The train will not be colliding through your door anytime soon. Those things are built to last.

I don't know what DNB is, but if you applied then I'm sure you are a top candidate.

I don't know why Nick loves you, but I can tell by looking at you two looking at each other that the reasons simply don't matter. When love is pure, it's pure for no reason. Trust it and revel in it.

Your place next year will kick ass. There will be disco balls and giant wine racks filled with scrumptious pinot noirs and wonderful champagnes.

If you want a PhD, then you should apply. Plus, what would be cooler than being called Dr. King just because you write poetry!?!

I Stegner would make you a legend here. Why not apply?

You are hungry because your stomach is empty and therefore sends signals through your nervous system to your brain which in turn makes you feel hunger.

Yes, my crystal ball tells me you would survive a tornado unharmed.

Okay, so that answers those questions. You should be able to sleep easy now. ;)

See ya tomorrow and thanks for the distraction!

At 2:41 AM, Blogger Stephanie King said...

You're so funny! :) *hugs you*


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