Monday, September 21, 2009

The journey begins:

I've always been interested in adoption. As a child, I loved Webster and Punky Brewster. I "adopted" doll-babies and played "mommy." I always knew adoption would fit into my life, I just didn't know how. Then, at the age of 18, I was informed that I could not bear my own biological children. After surgery, this was cinched. It's always been something that tugs at my mind at random moments. Infertility is a difficult road and has caused me much heartache. However, the alternative of adoption is my glimmer of hope.

Recently, my husband and I have decided to begin the process. We've been wanting to do this for awhile now, but were never "settled" enough to do it. Now that we've purchased a home and "laid down roots," we feel that we're more than ready.

Unfortunately, it's quite expensive. We're planning a domestic infant adoption, if all goes according to plan. But, they range in cost from $20,000 - $30,000. We currently have enough to pay the application fees and the homestudy fees, but not enough to pay any of the agency, post-placement, etc. fees. The worst part is the agencies that we've looked into require payment prior to being advertised to birthmothers. So, we need to come up with $20,000 right away!

We're looking into various fundraising options... but nothing stands out yet. If you can think of any profitable fundraising ideas, please let me know. Again, keep in mind that this is to fund an adoption... so, some fundraisers may be inappropriate.

If all goes well, this time next year we'll be holding our precious baby! Fingers crossed. (Winning the lottery couldn't hurt).

I'm planning to blog more often now that we're moved in and settled. I plan to keep track of my adoption journey through blogging. Thanks for reading!


At 11:50 PM, Blogger Committed Recycler said...

I just happened on your blog. Completely serendipitously, I also follow the blog of a friend of my sister:
While they felt called toward a foreign adoption, you might take heart in their successes (and doubts and worries).
While Stacy appears possessed of a natural faith and viewpoint I don't necessarily share, her sentiments are genuine and true to life.

Good luck,



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