Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Frontier Communications is a HORRIBLE company

I am bringing this blog out of retirement to spread the message. Let me tell you about my experience:

My mom was diagnosed with cancer is August, 2013. In October, in an effort to make her comfortable and happy, we thought we'd sign her up for internet and give her an old tablet to browse the web.

BUT... it never worked.

We hooked up the router and tried to get it to work on her wireless tablet, but it wouldn't connect.

Because it was at her house, and she was going through chemo, among other things, we proceeded slowly. We worked on it when we were able. We tried multiple devices, but no luck.

Sooo... we contacted customer support. The gentleman tried to walk me through it, but it still wasn't working. He told me there was a problem with the outside line. He set up a technician to come repair that problem. He told us that we would probably need to use a "wired computer" to set up the wireless. Since we only had kindles, phones, and a Macbook, we weren't able to make that happen on our own. I told him this. He said he'd get the technician out here to take a look at it. He also told us that once we got it working, they would look up our usage and credit us up until the time the router began working.

The technician came and went. He, I guess, repaired the outside line, but never hooked up the router. We tried again, now that the line was hooked up... but without a "wired" device, we couldn't make it work. We got hung up in chemo treatments and life, and kind of forgot about the internet problems for awhile.

Flash to today... I get a call about a past due amount. I talked to FOUR different people, and told this story FOUR different times. Each time, they apologized, and offered to send a technician. When I talked to the technical support people and told them the story, they said to try loading an app. I asked to cancel my account, so he transferred me to customer service.

I told the customer service lady our problems. She put me on hold for four minutes while she talked to technical support, and then she came back and said that they show "large amounts of usage" at this address. What!!!????!!! I asked if it was possible for a neighbor to be using it, and she said "no, it's password protected. They would have to have the long password at the bottom of the router."

NO ONE HAS BEEN USING THE INTERNET AT THAT ADDRESS!!! My mom hasn't even charged her Kindle because there's no need. The neighbors can't get online because they don't have the password... and we've never set up the router anyway! My mom lives alone... no one else could have used it.

Now, Frontier wants me to pay them nearly $200 for a service that was never used. NEVER USED! And I'm livid about it. This is the most crooked company I've ever dealt with. They've caused us nothing but hassle from the beginning, when all I wanted to do was get internet for my mom. And now they want to take my money when we have received nothing from them but a headache.

I hope you will all reconsider using Frontier for your internet needs. Even if another company is more expensive, it will probably save you time and money in the long-run.


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