Monday, April 30, 2007

A hole and some Blue Jays

There was a trench in my front yard today. A large trench.

We have been having a minor flooding problem for awhile now, and with the change in weather, the landlord was finally able to fix it. So, today he dug. He dug. And he dug. He dug from 8am until 5pm and then he did something in that trench that will hopefully divert the rainwater. And then it rained. While he worked, it poured. Before he left, he filled the hole. So, I'm assuming the problem is solved.


A couple days ago, Nicholas was watching TV and looked out the window to find four or five Blue Jays at the feeder. Then he noticed several more in the tree. When he watched them longer he found there were more on the ground. He said there were at least 20 Blue Jays in our backyard, taking turns at the feeder.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Excuse me waiter, this poems overdone...

I find myself compelled to tell you this.

I want to write about Lot's wife, from the perspective of Lot's wife, after the pillaring.


A huge part of me is against this idea. It's been done. It's been done so much that Lot's wife could have her own anthology.

Have you ever just had that ripping desire to write about something that has been done so much? Adam and Eve? Lot's wife? Love in an elevator? Tell me - was it satisfying once you wrote it? Did you write it?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

What are you getting your mother

for mother's day?

I suggest a visit to to search for a picture to color and send to your mother. Yes -- send it... in the mail. Everyone loves to get mail. Imagine your mother's happiness when she opens the mailbox to find a special, colored picture that tells her how much you love her. It will be a glimpse back in time for her. And you... well, you will probably feel really good about it... not to mention you will have colored some really sweet pictures.

Pick something straightforward and simple, like this one:

or something more complex and pretty, like this one:

I don't care how childish it is. I'm going to spend a good thirty minutes coloring a picture for my mom and writing her a note. God knows I waste enough time doing other things. And if it will make her smile, even for 10 seconds, I will be happy.

Going to the chapel....

Last night I had two wedding dreams.

1. We drove all the way to WV. It was the day before the wedding. We realized that we had left my dress and some other things at home. We had to drive five hours back to OH and five hours back to WV. I woke up halfway back to WV.

2. It was the wedding day. Nothing was finished. We hadn't finalized our flowers. We hadn't decorated either the church or the hall. My hair wasn't done. My dress wasn't on. Nothing was finished. It was already afternoon. The wedding was in a couple hours.


People keep asking me if I'm nervous. My answer is always the same. I'm not nervous about being married. I am excited about becoming a Mrs. I am nervous about everything turning out okay. I have spent over a year planning this wedding. I'm so scared that everything is going to fall apart. I'm terrified that our videographer will get lost on the way to WV or that our photographer will get sick. I'm scared that the flowers will wilt, that my dress will be horribly wrinkled. I'm worried that not all of my attendants will make it from their various far away destinations. I'm horrified that the cake will turn out bad.

I think I'm losing my mind.

It seems

-I am sick once a week.

-I am never finished grading.

-I always have something to do.

-to never stop raining.

-like I will never get my voodoo bulb planted.

-like I will never leave this place.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The happy - terrified continuum.

I had a lovely bridal shower over the weekend for all of my WV family and friends. It was simply wonderful. I received lots of beautiful things, including a fantastic bedset and a quicksteamer carpet cleaner. It was fantastic. A bright light in an otherwise dull couple of weeks.


I seem to be losing interest in everything lately.


I am thinking about the real-estate world.


Today I remembered a strange dream that I had once. I dreamed that I was talking to my mother and she couldn't hear me. I reached out to grab her but she didn't feel me touch her. It wasn't some cheesy dream where my hand went straight through her, no, I could feel my hand touch her, but she didn't know I was there. I tried to talk to other family members, they couldn't see, feel or hear me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm dreaming of a green Easter...

The daffodils that lived through the wind are dusted with snow.




That's right, SNOW!!! Yesterday it was 70+ degrees outside. Today, there is snow in my flip-flops.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I've always liked Alanis

and this makes me like her even more... :)

You've probably already seen it, but it's worth a second view.

More than half

of my wedding invitations have been mailed.