Monday, April 16, 2007

The happy - terrified continuum.

I had a lovely bridal shower over the weekend for all of my WV family and friends. It was simply wonderful. I received lots of beautiful things, including a fantastic bedset and a quicksteamer carpet cleaner. It was fantastic. A bright light in an otherwise dull couple of weeks.


I seem to be losing interest in everything lately.


I am thinking about the real-estate world.


Today I remembered a strange dream that I had once. I dreamed that I was talking to my mother and she couldn't hear me. I reached out to grab her but she didn't feel me touch her. It wasn't some cheesy dream where my hand went straight through her, no, I could feel my hand touch her, but she didn't know I was there. I tried to talk to other family members, they couldn't see, feel or hear me.


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