Monday, April 30, 2007

A hole and some Blue Jays

There was a trench in my front yard today. A large trench.

We have been having a minor flooding problem for awhile now, and with the change in weather, the landlord was finally able to fix it. So, today he dug. He dug. And he dug. He dug from 8am until 5pm and then he did something in that trench that will hopefully divert the rainwater. And then it rained. While he worked, it poured. Before he left, he filled the hole. So, I'm assuming the problem is solved.


A couple days ago, Nicholas was watching TV and looked out the window to find four or five Blue Jays at the feeder. Then he noticed several more in the tree. When he watched them longer he found there were more on the ground. He said there were at least 20 Blue Jays in our backyard, taking turns at the feeder.


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