Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why am I still awake at 4:30am?

Perhaps I am having a usual bout with insomnia.

Perhaps I am stressed about not getting as much work as I expected for next semester.

Perhaps I am trying to convince myself to grade more papers.

Perhaps I am addicted to playing Gears of War on X-Box Live.

Perhaps I am still hungry.

Perhaps I am wondering why I'm not writing.

Perhaps I am just trying to feel like I actually have some free time by not sleeping.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cat of the week.

This pretty girl is available for adoption from the Purebred Cat Rescue. They have this to say about her:

" a beautiful SILVER PERSIAN. She is recently shaved into a neat, easy to maintain "Lion Cut", is spayed and has bright green/gold eyes. And how about that cute little tongue sticking out? It just adds to her charm! This little cutie is excellent with other cats, VERY affectionate, very talkative and would be a wonderful companion for just about anyone! She is curious, playful, LOVES to watch birds from the window and is a very healthy 7 years YOUNG. She would be a real treat for anyone looking for a loving addition to their family!"

Monday, November 20, 2006

I double dog dare you to buy a contemporary collection of poetry over Thanksgiving break.

I found this on the Backwards City Review blog. It scares me a little bit.

"According to BookNet Canada, only 3,241 poetry titles from more than 500 publishers (U.S., Canadian, British et al.) have sold one or more copies in the last 12 months. It's a market 'fuelled by love of language rather than financial reward,' observes BookNet CEO Michael Tamblyn. 'Very few titles [sell] more than 100 copies a year, but that doesn't stop poetry presses from fighting the good fight.'"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

In the mail yesterday:

the new issue of The Laurel Review.

Something about this issue has me on a cloud. Sure I'm in it - that helps, right? But that's not the only thing... there is so much good stuff going on in it that I can't stop reading it. And that's saying something. Lately, the literary magazines I've been reading have been fairly boring and I can barely make it through three or four pages - but not this time.

Maybe it's because Mary Ann is in this issue. Maybe it's because she has a very interesting interview there where she likens white space in a poem to a lion. (Seriously... I squealed - loudly - when I read that).

I just have to say - the poets and poems in this issue really grabbed my attention. I was introduced to a new poet in this issue whom I must say I think is doing some very interesting things. His name is Jeffrey Bean, and I really think his stuff is great. I, of course, had to google him once I read him in TLR, and what I found didn't disappoint me. He doesn't have a book yet, and from what I see of his contributor's note, he's a fairly new writer... but I truly believe that he is a poet to watch for... I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more from him.

Amy Newman also had some interesting poems in this issue.

If you don't already have it... this is one magazine worth purchasing.

I want the old blogger back...

I updated my blogger account because it suggested I do so and now I have to log in via some "blogger beta" thing and the kicker:

I can't leave comments on a non-beta blogger account. So I'm basically alone in this crazy blogger abyss.

HELP. I want my old blogger back.

Wedding Update

-cameras ordered.
-photographer semi-picked
-there are officially no sane videographers in the entire state of WV.
-favors purchased... but not assembled
-invitations are overpriced - unless you want a sketch of a castle or precious moments characters on the cover.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Have a beautiful Friday!

This adorable little girl will serenade you into the weekend with the sweetest little voice you've ever heard.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

...and one to grow on.

It is 1:30am, which means that it is officially my birthday.

To celebrate, I bought myself a one-cup coffee maker and some clothes for Kitsch. (Sorry Bailey, I know you warned me against it... but I couldn't resist)

I'm not looking forward to today - and not really because I'm getting older - I just have a lot to do today. I have an interview for a second adjunct job in the afternoon and a workshop to teach in the evening. If I take this second adjunct position, I will be teaching 5 or 6 composition courses each semester on top of working at the writing center and teaching a High School Writer's Workshop. It's just so much work... and that's what really has me feeling down this year on my birthday. But I can't get around it. There's a wedding to plan, bills to pay, food to buy... and let me tell you - adjunct jobs don't pay squat. And without the second job, I'm unable to put any money aside for the wedding...

But enough complaining and worrying. It's my birthday and there is something that makes me VERY happy.

Yes... that is a button-down shirt and sweater vest that Kitsch is wearing. And yes, he does look absolutely fantastic in it.

And yes, the wife-beater that I bought him does say "I'm not FAT. I'm FLUFFY."

So break out the ice-cream cake and candles and wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

We might be doing things a little bit backwards...

Well, we now have the D.J. for our reception. I'm pretty excited about using Alex, because I like the idea of having a female DJ and also because she has a nice voice. She is reasonably priced also, which is really helpful when you are paying for your own wedding. :)

Other things we have decided on and/or purchased:

-Wedding Bands
-Bride's Dress
-Ceremony Location

However... We don't even have our reception hall picked yet. I need to put that on the DJ contract and I have no idea where we are holding it. We probably should have figured that out first... but I really didn't want to lose Alex. I was afraid if we didn't get her now, someone else would.

So this weekend, the goal is to pick a reception site (despite the fact that we will be picking it from 325 miles away).

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This weekend was great. V and her husband arrived late Friday night, and I had the table set with guest grab-bags, a bowl of halloween candy and a couple halloween treats. I made these yummies (click the pictures if you want to see them larger):

I found the cutest little flower-pots, so I made dirt cake, complete with gummy worms and fake flowers. :)

I also made poop cookies. I just melted some chocolate chips over some peanut butter cookies and added fake flies for that halloween yuck factor. Isn't it fun to eat gross things at halloween?

On Saturday we went to Cedar Point for Halloweekends and had a fantastic time! Unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera with me. We froze our butts off - but had a blast.

On Sunday, V and M left after a nice breakfast at Bob Evans. I have to say, I don't think the weekend could have been more fun. Luckily, I remembered to take at least one picture with V before she left town.


Dressing up in costumes or assuming alternative personas is something I enjoy almost as much as eating... so on Tuesday, I decided to dress up to teach class. My students were amused to say the least. We were going to be beat poets, but at the last minute changed our minds. So I decided to dress in goth gear. Why? I just wanted to do crazy things with my eyeliner. :) I couldn't resist a few pictures.

This is the only full costume picture I have worth showing... unfortunately, it also shows off my J-Lo booty, which might I add makes it EXTREMELY difficult to find jeans that fit right... but that's another topic altogether.

I've got two other pictures that show off my eyeliner magic... But I can't get them to post right now, so I will post them later.

All in all, I had a fantastic halloween. I can't wait until next year. I think I want to be a Spanish dancer. I just want to fling around a frilly skirt and wear a flower in my hair. :) How was your halloween?