Monday, May 14, 2007

Things that are wrong.

1. N's car's service light came on... we didn't know what the problem was.

2. My car overheated.

3. N's car refused to start. We found out today that it needs a starter which will cost a few hundred bucks.

4. N's computer died - completely.

5. Of course, there is the problem with the musicians that still hasn't been resolved.

6. We found out that we got a class for the summer... which is great, we need the money... but the class starts on May 29th. We, of course, are not going to be in town because we are getting married on June 2. No biggie, right, we ask for a sub for three days of class and agree to be back by Monday, June 4th to pick up the classes. WRONG. Huge biggie. So now, we have to drive 5 hours back from WV on Tuesday, 05/29 to teach a three hour class and then teach on Wednesday and Thursday and then drive 5 hours back home, two days before the wedding to deal with all the final stress. And then right after we get married - no honeymoon - we have to drive 5 hours back home to teach as soon as we arrive.

7. Still no word from any other jobs.

8. The mother's day card I sent to my mom was returned to sender for too little postage.

This list could continue.

And although I could use some good news right now, I have to remember:


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