Thursday, May 03, 2007

13 Poets

I am "it!" Mary Biddinger has tagged me.

Say someone asked me, "I kind of like poetry, but I don't know anything about contemporary poetry. Who should I read?"

No blog friends
No real-life friends
No real-life mentors
Alive as of this writing

I'd say, in no particular order:

1. Laura Mullen
2. Molly Bendall
3. Carl Phillips
4. Louise Mathias
5. Lesle Lewis
6. Ann Townsend
7. Denise Duhamel
8. Brigit Pegeen Kelly
9. Tony Hoagland
10. Brenda Hillman
11. Matthea Harvey
12. Carla Harryman
13. Olena Kalytiak Davis

I really enjoyed writing this list. These authors are all simply stunning writers, each in a very unique way. It's fun to try to imagine an anthology that included only these authors... what a great read it would be. I wouldn't put it down.

Gerald, Abby, Julie, my new friend Brent,and Cornshake consider yourself tagged.


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Stephanie! When's the wedding???

Great list, btw!

And definitely link to my blog and I'll link to yours!

We should get together soon!



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