Monday, June 11, 2007

Just a taste...

I feel so much relief.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. It turned out better than I even imagined. Especially after all of the nightmares. When I saw everything come together - I was breathless. Allow me to give you a rundown of the trip and the wedding.

I've also included a few pictures that some of Nick's relatives took. We haven't received all of our pictures yet. I will post more pictures later (and a link to my flickr page).


When we arrived in WV, we immediately began working on wedding stuff. We had to meet with the DJ and call people. We had table runners to finish. We had so much to do. Luckily we got everything finished. When we finally did get all of the reception decor finished, I couldn't believe how nice they looked. The tables were rectangular with white tablecloths. A chocolate brown runner with a ribbon border ran down the middle of the table. In the center was a circular mirror with a large vase with some river rocks and a blue candle.

Next to that, on each side, was a vase with a single hydrangea. And next to that was a votive. Also on the table were handmade bird's nests with blue jordan almonds that looked like bird's eggs. They were beautiful. The cake also looked beautiful with the decor. I think our baker did a great job.


Backtracking... the actual ceremony was nice. The bridesmaids were beautiful, and the groomsmen's brown tuxes were spectacular.


The event was not without its problems though. Here are just a few of the things that went wrong.

-The musicians hit sour notes constantly and played the wrong song when the bridesmaids began their processional. They did correct themselves though. But despite their mistakes, they still sounded okay.

-Right before I walked down the aisle my flowers stained the top of my dress. Luckily, it was very small and nobody could notice. Also, my mother in law thankfully had a tide pen with her... crisis not so bad.

-The bridesmaid's bouquets didn't turn out the way they were supposed to... but they still looked okay and nobody was the wiser.

-My veil caught on fire. Yes. I backed up to make room for the garter toss at the reception and my veil was over a candle. Fortunately, it smoldered a hole into the material rather than burst into flame... with all that hairspray, it could have been disasterous. Nobody saw it happen. The only reason anyone knew is because I told them.


Despite the tiny errors... everything was perfect. I had so much fun. We danced all night - and that's saying something because I don't like to dance. My maid of honor's speech was fantastic as well. We made a pact when we were little that the first one to get married would give a goodbye speech to their hollywood crush. I had forgotten about that... but luckily (for her and everyone watching) she had not. She brought a picture of Nicolas Cage - and I had to say goodbye. *sniff*

But I am happy to say goodbye to Nicolas Cage, if it means I get to spend the rest of my life this happy.


At 5:09 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

You're a gorgeous bride, girl! All weddings have there minor disasters, but you're right, nobody really notices unless you tell them. ;) I can't wait for more pics and the cake looks yummy! Congrats to you two!


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