Friday, December 09, 2005

To Watch List:

I have a problem. I buy movies and never watch them... Don't even have the interest to watch them. Case in point:

1) Million Dollar Baby -- This movie isn't ever getting watched. I'm not a Hilary Swank fan... I'm not a boxing fan... Why did I buy it? TF told me it was a good movie, and even though she too, didn't have any desire to watch it at first, it was worth it and that I would love it. So, I bought it. It's been on my shelf, unopened, since... which means approximately 3 or 4 months.

2) Hotel Rwanda -- Everyone seems to think this movie is politically and humanitarily important. So I bought it. Problem is, I don't like anything political... I don't like history or current events... I cry easily if babies or animals are harmed... I fear that happening in this movie. So - it's been on my shelf for a while now.

3) A Very Long Engagement -- Okay, Nick bought this one, but it's still on the shelf, we haven't watched it. Reason? It's a foreign film... I just don't ever seem to feel like reading subtitles - it makes me miss what's going on onscreen. I really enjoy foreign films when I do watch them... It just always takes some pushing to get me in the mood... for that kind of movie. So, it's still on the shelf.

4) House of D -- I bought it because I love Robin Williams... I haven't watched it because I've never heard of it and so I always end up watching something that I know I'll enjoy. I will watch it someday... but it's been on the shelf for a little while now and will probably stay there for a little while longer.

5) Popeye, Tom & Jerry, and 1940s Cartoons -- I bought these at the dollar store because it was a good deal and I love Tom & Jerry. They are still in their wrapping, unopened. We almost watched Popeye the other day... but as soon as he came off the shelf, another movie came with him and he ended up just sitting on the coffee table for the next several days.

The best place these movies could be right now is in my pocket, in dollar form.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger verdandi said...

I havent seen a single one of those movies yet either. then again i think i am the only person in america who hasnt seen monsters inc and a ton of other movies. (sighs) hmm maybe we can work out a deal- you provide the movie and i'll make the lasagna.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Yeah, I can't bring myself to watch Million Dollar Baby or Hotel Rwanda either. I've got the same problem Melissa has...even the thought of women, children and animals being brutalized gives me a panic attack. Does that make me weak or sensitive?

At 4:20 PM, Blogger Stephanie King said...

Nope. I'm that way too.


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