Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I finally purchased a new pair of glasses to replace the ones I lost over a year ago. What am I most excited about? I have a funky, plum colored pair coming soon.


My mother has strange dreams. Usually, something happens after she has them. We were talking today about a dream she had about my grandpa a while ago. In it, he walked her to a local street and told her never to cross it. He was not alive in the dream, he just said he came back to tell her that. Then she woke up. Two weeks later, a woman was hit by a car while crossing that road.


The universe scares me. The actual universe. I was looking at some pictures of the crab nebula, an explosion that happened over 1,000 years ago but that is still visible and expanding. It's strange. I have so many questions that there are no answers to. What's scarier is that I'm actually thinking about the universe.


I know it is an unpopular choice, but I'm rooting for Hilary.


My favorite superbowl commercial? The bridgestone squirrel. The bug is the best part, followed closely by the littlest sigh of relief.


Have any of you watched the new gameshow, Moment of Truth? I'm addicted. I wish it came on more than once a week.


At 11:32 AM, Blogger FrameWork 2.0 said...

Hey, Stephanie. Thanks for the note on my blog. Holly and I are well and hope for the same for you and Nick. By the by, we started up an online poetry journal -- Glass: A Journal of Poetry ( If you or Nick (or both) are interested, we'd love to see your work.



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