Sunday, January 07, 2007

Abby, you are seriously my hero.

I just got a sewing machine and I've been super excited to learn how to sew. I want to make cute little dresses and skirts and shirts etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, I went out and bought some patterns, fabric, ribbon, thread, a cutting mat, a roller-cutter, seam binding, etc... and I sat down to learn to sew. I read through the instructions that came with the machine, and the pattern instructions. And so began my first shirt.

First, I had to learn to thread the bobbin and the technical writer that wrote the damn instructions is a fool. I couldn't understand half the things written there. So after about twenty minutes, with Nick's help, I thread the bobbin and the needle and practice some stitches on a spare piece of fabric. I could barely sew a straight line.

After awhile, I started getting the basting and straigtstitch down, though around curves it is very very difficult.

Everything was going pretty good, The shirt was taking shape and even though all of the stitching wasn't perfect, it looked okay and you would have to be really close to notice the mistakes. But then today, I started the sleeves.

>:o How the heck do you sew sleeves onto the body of the shirt!!???!! I tried to follow the directions. When it was finished, it looked pretty good around the shoulder but then I looked down and noticed the arm itself was completely inside out. This would be okay if I could rip the seams out and do it over, but my fabric is super thin and when I try to rip the thread out it tears holes in the material.

I decided to sew on the other arm anyway, for practice sake. It looked okay. I still need some help though, because the inside of the sleeve looked ridiculoso.

I wish I had someone here to walk me through my first project so I can learn a little more easily. I don't mind trial and error so much except for the cost of the fabric.

Abby, you sew so well. I just think you deserve some credit for the beautiful things you make. I'm a little envious of your skill... but with time and lots of practice, maybe I will make you a dress and return the favor :)


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