Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'll be home for Christmas...

Well, I officially leave town tomorrow with Kitsch in tow. I'm really not looking forward to the drive. The drive home is so loooong and boring. I will be on the road for 5+ hours, and if the weather is really bad (cross your fingers that it won't be) it takes a whole lot longer.

I will be home for a week or two - not sure yet. I originally planned to stay there for New Year's Day since it will be my last time there alone (since next year I will have a husband to bring along) and so I wanted to spend that quality "tradition" time with my family... but... if you know my family, you know that a week is plenty of time to spend there. I usually start to go a little insane around that time, especially because of my allergies. My allergies are so bad when I go home that I usually end up sick for a week after I leave. Last year, I came home so sick that I coughed and cracked a rib. I was sick from December until around the end of February beginning of March. It was rediculous... and I am terrified that I will come home sick again.

So, I guess I'll see how I'm feeling around New Year's before I make my final decision on whether to stay or come home.


In other news, the invitations arrived in the mail today and they look splendid. I will say that one of the enclosures was a little different than I expected -- but all in all, it still works and will look just as nice.

We finalized things with our ceremony musicians. I'm really excited. We are having a very unique instrument play the ceremony music. :) It's a very special instrument to me... so I will be very happy to walk down the aisle with it playing in the background.


I have enjoyed my time off of work this past week, but it seems to have gone by so quickly. I am going to be busier than I have ever been next semester. I will be working at the college six days a week (that's right - I will be working on Saturdays too). I will be teaching four classes (one of which is an online course), working at the writing center, teaching a high-school writer's workshop, and planning the wedding in it's final, most crucial stages. I'm incredibly scared of the stress potential there.

I will probably post while I'm at home. I will take my laptop to the coffee shop (they have Wi-Fi).

Merry Christmas!!!


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