Friday, October 27, 2006

A return to simpler times

I have been so busy lately that I haven't been able to take a moment to relax. But that is about to change.

V is coming to town this weekend! V and I have been friends since high school and lived together in college. We grew apart for a little while after some stupid argument that I barely remember anymore... but now that is behind us and we are going to have so much fun this weekend! She is a teacher back in my home state, good old WV -- so I rarely get to see her anymore. I cannot wait to spend the weekend with her.

I baked cookies. I am going to make little dirt desserts, complete with flower-pot and gummy-worms. And I have the big orange candy bowl stocked. I also have the fridge stocked with the more adult halloween delights ;)

She is bringing her husband, M, so Nick will have a partner in crime this weekend as well. We are going to just relax, enjoy each other's company, probably laugh a lot, and eat eat eat!!!

On that note, I must go and prepare my house for their arrival tomorrow, (or should I say today.)


At 10:37 AM, Blogger garylmcdowell said...

I haven't said hi in awhile... shame on me. So, hi!!

Congrats on ordering your wedding dress. I'm sure it's beautiful!

Have a great relaxing weekend. We need to have a reunion sometime soon. Maybe Mandy and I can host a party this winter and you guys can be the guests of honor. ;)


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