Wednesday, July 19, 2006

For the birds...

Today I received my teaching schedule in the mail today. It is actually pretty nice - I'm really satisfied with the lineup, even though I will be teaching from 3:30pm until 10:45pm two days a week.

I also was able to get a batch of submissions put in the mail this week now that we are moved in. I want to get some more out next week.


We hung two wild-bird feeders and a woodpecker feeder and now the yard is one large song. It's so nice. We bought the woodpecker bar because we had a woodpecker in the yard for several days before we got it. Now we have one male woodpecker and a female woodpecker (who I think may have a nest in one of our trees). We also have a bluejay, some blackbirds, some robins, some ducks have drifted by on the river and a few geese have been spotted overhead.

Other birds in the yard: two house finches

What we think is a goldfinch

We also have a couple mourning doves.


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