Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a busy, crazy, insane week!

Yesterday started crappy and ended really nice.

To start, I went to teach my class, which I've been teaching all semester... in the same room... and the door was locked. Why? Who knows! So I had to teach in a room next door.

Then I was really stressed out about some other class-related matters.

BUT --- then I went to my thesis defense. It went really well. I was so worried that I was going to have trouble explaining myself (because my poetry is anything but traditional) and the reasons that I choose to take certain paths in my poetry... but really, once I sat down, everything was easy. So, I passed and so did Nicholas (whose thesis defense was also easier than he expected).

Nicholas then took me out to eat one of my favorite foods -- SUSHI! And it was so good.

A medical update: I had my bone density scan on Monday -- the radiologist said that my hip was average density, but my lumbar vertabrae were on the lower side of the density scale. Whether I have to take any corrective medicine will be up to my doctor.

Tomorrow I have my PET scan. They are going to give me an IV in my hand -- which I am thoroughly terrified about. I hate hate hate needles and usually turn into a three year old little girl when I see one or even think about one. Then I have to sit for an hour to let the dye make it all the way through my body, and then I have to sit in a machine for a half hour. *sigh*

I'm worried. I know the doctor said everything will probably be fine... but I can't help but be a little worried that the results will come back with bad results.

Anyway, some of my tension is released now that the thesis defense is over and what not.


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