Thursday, April 03, 2008

What I need is a nice, warm shower and a cup of tea.

I've been very sick these past few days. I could barely swallow. It hurt to speak. When I did speak, it came out in little squeaks. My head has been aching for three days straight. I actually had to cancel classes yesterday because I could hardly move. I felt horrible. I slept practically all day.

Thankfully, I'm feeling better today. I still have a scratchy throat, but I can swallow and speak better. I still have a headache, but it isn't throbbing like it was the past couple days. So, now maybe I can get something accomplished.

I didn't get anything done over spring break. We came home early that week to find that we had no water. I tried calling the water company, but to no avail. Finally, someone called us back to let us know that the water line had accidentally been cut by someone who was digging in the area. Later that night, the water was back on. But... it was brown and murky for the rest of the week. We had to do everything with bottled water. The cat drank better than he ever has.

Now that the water is back and I'm feeling better, I can wash clothes and dishes! :)


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