Monday, August 13, 2007

Time for relaxation.

Well, we are officially moved in. We still aren't quite finished unpacking, though the finish line is in sight.


I feel like this move was good for me. I've already written a poem since the move. That makes me feel confident about being able to get work done. I have my own office now, so I can retreat there for sewing and writing. I still do the bulk of my actual teaching work in front of the television.


I don't quite have internet just yet. We are supposed to be getting satellite internet, but the people won't come install it. We've been waiting a couple weeks.


I bought some beautiful vintage fabric at a yard sale. My office is going to be (when finished) chocolate brown and mustard yellow. The fabric matches perfectly and I can't wait to make pillows.


Have you checked out Three Candles Journal yet? If not, you should.


More later, once I am a little more rooted in the new place and have a stable internet connection.


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