Monday, March 05, 2007

The mellowest week

This past week, I did not:

1. Go to AWP -- I would really love to attend the conference sometime. I just haven't had the opportunity yet. I hope to go next year, when I'm not so busy planning a wedding, putting together my ms., working, etc. etc.

2. Clean my house -- It's miserable really. I haven't done much of anything in terms of cleaning. I ran the dishwasher and a couple loads of laundry. I let everything else sit.

3. Exercise as much as I should have -- As you may remember from a previous entry, I have begun an exercise regimen. I am supposed to exercise three times a week. This week, I only exercised once, and that wasn't until the end of the week. (I did, however, try to make up for it today by doing two of my exercise segments instead of just one).

This past week, I did:

1. Play a lot of Rainbow Six Vegas -- It's a very well done game. I challenge all the skeptics to give it a shot. (pun intended).

2. Ordered toasting flutes -- The flutes that I really wanted cost $80... but we luckily found another pair that cost half as much.

3. Began picking music for the wedding video -- But we aren't making a lot of progress.

I should feel refreshed, right? Now I just have 80 rough drafts and 40 final drafts to grade by Wednesday morning. :( I'm going to bed.


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