Friday, March 16, 2007

Wedding Windows

Well, I've been absent from the land of blog for a while now. Not that I don't have anything to say, I do, in fact, have a lot to say. I've been mildly busy, even though it is spring break, so I'm not teaching right now.

My break started with a bang! My future mother and sisters-in-law threw me a beautiful bridal shower that I can't stop talking about. It was amazing. I walked in the door and found that Ma (which is what I've decided to call Nick's mom) had moved all of her furniture out of the living room and replaced it with little tables and chairs. The room was decorated like a little cafe, and looked amazing. The centerpieces were beautiful and the favors, spectacular. She, with a little help from Pa ;), made lunch for all of the guests. There was spaghetti, which was really good, finger sandwiches, and a lot of little side-dishes. The desserts were also really tasty. I received some very nice gifts. I was very excited to open my fiesta ware. Ours is red. We now have all six place settings and are only waiting on the servingware. Among the other wonderful gifts were a beautiful memory box, in which I can store all my wedding keepsakes, a mixer, some nice glasses, and a beautiful piece of artwork that my brother-in-law drew (it's very nice! He should market these things).

After the bridal shower, I've been doing minor wedding things throughout the break, ie. writing thank-you notes, buying things. The most fun thing I've done though -- learning calligraphy. I've been practicing and practicing, and I think I have finally mastered the art of calligraphy. So I will begin addressing invitations today. I still can't believe how quickly the wedding is approaching.


Totally unrelated, we received four huge boxes via UPS yesterday. We just assumed they were wedding gifts, or something we ordered for the reception. No - they were four stained glass window panels. We received them by mistake. So now, we are on a desperate hunt for the rightful owners.


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