Friday, January 12, 2007

School bells ring are you listenin'?

Today, back to work. One of my English 112 classes was cancelled for this semester due to low enrollment, so I was offered an extra webcourse instead. I gleefully accepted. So.... this semester I teach two webcourses, two regular courses, a high-school writer's workshop, and work at the Writing Center as a tutor. It's still an insane amount of work, even a little more than if I had less webcourses, but it means that I don't have to be on campus at 8am, which is nice.


Today consisted of:
Worked at the writing center for four hours.
Worked on my webcourses for a couple hours.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Washed Dishes.
Sewed 2/3 of a t-shirt.
Watched a little TV.
Stayed up a lot later than I should have considering I need to work tomorrow.


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