Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Wedding and a Funeral...

I just made it home from a very draining weekend. I went back to WV this weekend for two reasons -- one very sad: my uncle Butchie passed away Thursday and his funeral was this weekend.

I don't want to sound overly optimistic, but there was a silver halo around that dark cloud. One of my closest cousins, H. was married this weekend to a wonderful man, M. The wedding went off without a hitch (or maybe it went off with a hitch, if I dare be so puntastic). Everything was beautiful... and I've decided to document some of it in a brief picture blog...

So, what were the wedding colors you ask? Why, lilac and powder blue! The bridesmaids wore lilac dresses while the maid of honor wore blue. The maid of honor was none other than my closest cousin Angie, who by the way will also be a bridesmaid in my wedding. (And she looked so beautiful... that hair was amazing)

The bride's gown was beautiful, and even moreso since the bride herself was beautiful in it. The reception was nicely planned with various foodstuffs and punch.

They say if the couple smashes the cake into each others' mouths that it is a bad sign for the marriage - that there is some hidden animosity - but there is no need to worry! Neither the bride nor groom barbarically shoved cake into the other's nostrils.

As far as dancing goes... my family is not a dancing family to put it mildly. In fact... I hesitate to say we dance at all. But the bride sucked it up and danced the first dance with the groom. Other than the hokey pokey, the twist and maybe one other participation song... this was the only action that dancefloor saw all night.

My mother looked stunning as well carrying Angie's baby, D.

And what about me? Well... let's just say anyone who's anyone is sporting big hair at weddings these days... :) This is a picture Nick snapped of me while I was putting on make-up in preparation for the wedding.


At 6:31 AM, Blogger Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear that your uncle passed. Thinking of you.


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