Sunday, December 18, 2005

So for the rest of the gift opening, we took turns opening gifts. Here we both are by our mountains of presents...

I got lots of really awesome gifts:

- Carla Harryman's new book of poetry, Baby. It is an awesome book. She does some really weird stuff, which I love! I'm pretty psyched about it.
- Karaoke Revolution for the Nintendo Gamecube... It's a sweet game! I love it. I got a dance mat too, so I can have the entire experience. It's a lot of fun to play.
- Gloves to keep my fingers warm :)
- Myst, a computer game... it requires a lot of creative thought. I really like it alot too. So much fun to play.
- A down comforter. I wanted one so bad... and now I have one. It's an awesome dark blue with a microsuede top. It's really comfy.
- The most awesome pair of tennisshoes in the entire world!!!!
- A pretty green sweater!
- A string of pearls and pearl earrings. They are so beautiful. I will have to take a picture of them so everyone can see how nice they are.

Nick got:
- A digital camera
- Tickets to see Low in concert
- A capcom classics game for the Xbox
- A game called, Cubivore, for the Gamecube.
- lots of chocolates
- A bathrobe
- A plug -n- play Lord of the Rings game (which is cool, cause you wave your sword at the TV and it fights people...)
- A keyboard. (the kind that plays music, not the kind for a computer.)

All in all, we had an AWESOME Christmas. I'm so happy.


At 6:55 PM, Blogger Julie said...

You two are too cute, and I would be barfing over it if I didn't have a cute man of my own :) You both made out like bandits! I think Will and I will have our Xmas a bit later, maybe closer to new year's. Anywho, I wish you a lovely holiday and safe travels!

P.S. It was hella fun hanging out with you last night!


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