Sunday, August 13, 2006

Even ice-cream isn't making it better...

I woke up this morning to two goldfinches who hit the picture window. Nick saw them fall to the porch and woke me up so we could figure out what to do. The female died on impact and the male was obviously hurt but still alive. We found a nature nursery and Nick called them. They suggested we wait for a little while because the bird may just be stunned - she said sometimes they will be stunned still for a full day. We waited... and waited... and about fifteen minutes later, he just flew away. That was great, but there was still the sad task of removing the dead female from the deck. Nick did that so I wouldn't have to -- but it was still very sad.

Next, we found out that my car has a power steering fluid leak, on top of needing new rear tires. Soooo... I have to do that - which is going to cost an arm and a leg (pardon my cliche).

To make matters worse, I realized that since I will be teaching a five hour course and two three hour courses this semester - I will be making less money because it is only eleven hours (and as an adjunct, I am paid per credit hour that I teach).

Needless to say, this is not my favorite day.


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