Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just sharing...

I absolutely love music. I listen to it while I write, while I browse websites, etc. But, I've never been one to fall head over heels in love with any one band. I enjoy listening to all sorts of music. I could probably listen to anything and be "content."

It wasn't until Radiohead that I lost my mind. I will listen to _OK Computer_ four times in a row during a car ride and then switch to _In Rainbows_ and listen to it four times... and so on. I own their DVDs. I own all the CDs. I would go so far as to decorate my office in Radiohead posters, if I had them.

And now, I crave finding music that makes me that excited. And, I rarely do. But, for the past year or so, I've been listening to this band develop: Fascinoma Two days ago, I downloaded their new CD on iTunes. It is gorgeous!!!! And now, second only to Radiohead, she is a new favorite.

I wish there were other options in the realm of youtube. This isn't my favorite song off the record, but it will at least give you a taste of how utterly beautiful Alanna Lin's voice is.


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