Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'll be home for Christmas...

Well, I officially leave town tomorrow with Kitsch in tow. I'm really not looking forward to the drive. The drive home is so loooong and boring. I will be on the road for 5+ hours, and if the weather is really bad (cross your fingers that it won't be) it takes a whole lot longer.

I will be home for a week or two - not sure yet. I originally planned to stay there for New Year's Day since it will be my last time there alone (since next year I will have a husband to bring along) and so I wanted to spend that quality "tradition" time with my family... but... if you know my family, you know that a week is plenty of time to spend there. I usually start to go a little insane around that time, especially because of my allergies. My allergies are so bad when I go home that I usually end up sick for a week after I leave. Last year, I came home so sick that I coughed and cracked a rib. I was sick from December until around the end of February beginning of March. It was rediculous... and I am terrified that I will come home sick again.

So, I guess I'll see how I'm feeling around New Year's before I make my final decision on whether to stay or come home.


In other news, the invitations arrived in the mail today and they look splendid. I will say that one of the enclosures was a little different than I expected -- but all in all, it still works and will look just as nice.

We finalized things with our ceremony musicians. I'm really excited. We are having a very unique instrument play the ceremony music. :) It's a very special instrument to me... so I will be very happy to walk down the aisle with it playing in the background.


I have enjoyed my time off of work this past week, but it seems to have gone by so quickly. I am going to be busier than I have ever been next semester. I will be working at the college six days a week (that's right - I will be working on Saturdays too). I will be teaching four classes (one of which is an online course), working at the writing center, teaching a high-school writer's workshop, and planning the wedding in it's final, most crucial stages. I'm incredibly scared of the stress potential there.

I will probably post while I'm at home. I will take my laptop to the coffee shop (they have Wi-Fi).

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My mother will start to worry... My father will be pacing the floor

Baby, it's cold outside!

That's a fact. I haven't blogged a lot this Christmas season, but I've been busy doing wedding stuff and Christmas stuff.

Nick and I have already exchanged some of our gifts for each other. He got me an MP3 player and it's very nice. I want to get an adapter so I can play it on the road when I'm going home.

Speaking of going home, I will be heading that direction for the holidays this coming weekend. I will be there for a couple of weeks, so the blog will probably be out of comission for the most part. I might be able to drop a line now and then... but that means visiting the public library - so it will probably be seldom.

I still might blog a couple times before I head home... but for now, it's wedding stuff to the max.

We think we have our ceremony musicians picked out. I talked to one of them today and he's excited about it, so I think it's a go.

While I'm at home, I will pick a baker and finalize the cake design, talk to a florist about my bouquet, and reserve blocks of hotel rooms for out of towners.

Wish me luck.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Rescue pet 'o' the week.

This is Ernie. He is currently available through the Japanese Chin Rescue webpage. They are a fantastic breed of dog. You can read more information about Ernie on the site via the "Available for Adoption" link. He resides in Bangor, MI. But there are loads of other puppies waiting to be rescued from many other states. They are listed on the site.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The invitations are kicking my butt.

Quite literally actually... My stomach is grumbly and my chest has been getting sharp pains all day. My back hurts from sitting upright in front of the computer for such long stretches of time and my fibromyalgia is acting up because of all the stress...

I sat at the computer for a very long time last night trying to figure the things out... then again all day today... and I'm going to have to do it again tomorrow. But one way or another, these things are getting ordered this weekend. Unless they really throw a KO punch.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

5 months, 26 days, 12 hours, and 46 minutes

I've been feeling lazy lately... that's perhaps the reason for my lack of blogging.


We think we've picked the bouquets that the bridesmaids will carry. We also think we've nailed down decor for the reception hall.


I didn't want to think about wedding stuff over the break, but I'm going to have to. There are less than six months until the wedding. Over break we need to:

*Order bridesmaid dresses.
*Order aisle runner.
*Order invitations.
*Find a baker.
*Get measurements from the reception hall man.
*Get measurements from the church man.
*Call the videographer back.


In other news, our house is decorated for Christmas and it looks beautiful. Nick did a great job. We still would like to hang up some white lights around the outside of the house, but don't know if we will make it quite that far.


I have a hankerin' for a cornish game hen.