Monday, January 30, 2006


Good news from The Chattahoochee Review this evening! Hooray. They liked one of my poems and have decided to take it for the winter issue.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh my my...

Low was fantastic last night! I have to say, after hearing them live, I am now a huge fan. I thought they were great the first time I listened to them, but now... they really are awesome. Everyone should check them out.

My favorite song of the show was "Silver Rider." It was really awesome live. My second favorite was "When I Go Deaf," which was equally as spectastic.

I cried through the second opening band's performance because I was in so much pain... and I cried through the first couple songs that Low sang because I was still hurting. But it let up enough for me to enjoy the rest of the performance. Then when I got in the car to go home, I started hurting so bad, I literally thought I might be dying. I had a crazy woman moment then... Poor Nick didn't know what to do, whether to run me to a hospital or home or to pull over. I took another darvocet, which didn't do much... but it helped me be a little drowsy, so I wasn't crying so hard.

I'm still in pain today... but not as bad as late last night.

Lots more work to do today though... so I guess I will go.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Christmas isn't over yet...

Nick and I are going to go see Low tonight. The tickets were a Christmas gift, so it feels like it's still Christmas time. It's going to be a lot of fun.

My rib is k.i.l.l.i.n.g me today though. I woke up this morning feeling pretty rotten. The darvocet didn't seem to work last night. I kept waking up in pain. Now, I have a mild headache and nausea, not to mention the rib pain. I'm hoping a little fresh air and some good food will help me feel better before the concert, cause I'm pretty psyched about it.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blahdy blahdy blah

It's been a nice day. My rib has been hurting off and on... but really, today hasn't been as bad as the others in terms of pain.

I wrote a poem! I'm pretty excited about that, since it was about 3-4 weeks since I'd written something.

Gary and Beth's readings were really great! By the way Gary, the snake poem was my favorite! Great stuff.


In other news...

I go in on Wednesday for a CAT scan. The doctor wants to make sure I don't have a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in my lungs). I'm not looking forward to that... but I'm sure that everything will be just fine.

Got a little postcard in the mail from U of Akron. Since they are an "Equal Opportunity" employer they want these little cards filled out for their records. Put that in the box, it should get mailed tomorrow. I really hope I get that job.

Kitsch is going crazy.

Monday, January 23, 2006

A few things.

Applications are out for University of Akron. Wish me and Nick luck!!! We really need jobs.

Kitsch is in a lovey mood. But he wants to lay on my chest, and that hurts like the dickens.

New TV at the house... now there is one in the living room and bedroom.

Doctor is treating me for a cracked rib - Celebrex and Darvocet... Sleepy Deepy Time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I wish Adam would have just kept his stupid rib.

I had to go to the emergency room early early early Monday morning. I was having horrible pain in my chest. After a chest X-Ray, the doctor concluded that I strained some cartilage in my rib. He prescribed me some Vicodin, and when I took it, I itched like crazy... Another medicine allergy that I hadn't known about.

So, today I went for my follow up appointment with my regular doctor. He wants to look at the X-rays because he thinks it may be a little more serious. It is possible that I cracked my rib from coughing so hard (stupid bronchitis).

Soooo... I missed class this evening to rest, because I am in TREMENDOUS pain today.

Anyway... That's what's up in my neck of the woods.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

*wheeze, cough, cough*

Well, the doctor believes my bronchitis may be asthma related, so he has prescribed me an advair inhaler. He has also changed my cough medicine to something a little stronger.

Eh. I can't wait until this sick stuff is over.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The kids in girl and boyland will have a jubilee...

Cause Brenda Hillman's coming to town!!!

Yep. She'll be in WV in April. I'm so there. I love that woman. She is one of my favorite authors of all time. I can't wait to hear her read.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

What a week.

My father is in the hospital with diverticulitis. It's pretty bad and he started feeling worse tonight. He's at a crap hospital and I'm worried about him.

I'm still sick. Feeling a little better... but still coughing like a maniac at nighttime.

I feel like I'm running in place... Nothing is getting done. Nothing is going quite right right now.

School starts now. I have to teach. I have to go to class.

Friday, January 06, 2006


I am one sick puppy. I have been feeling pretty sick all break... At first, I figured it was just allergies, since I was at my parents' house with the cats and dog and all that hair... but around the 26th of December I started feeling REALLY sick. I had a sore throat, stomach pain on occassion, earaches, headaches, nose and chest congestion... I figured it was just a cold and that I would get better relatively quickly.

One day passed... I was still sick. Another day passed... I was still sick. And it continued... and I started getting a horrible cough. The earaches went away, but everything else stayed. Then it was time to come home to Ohio and get stuff ready for the next semester. Let me tell you, that was a horrible car ride. I had to keep stopping at rest areas to blow my nose and gather more tissues for the road. I kept coughing and coughing... which made driving a real task. And then I arrived at home. I figured with some rest, I would get healthier soon. But I didn't.

I went to the doctor yesterday. He ran a bunch of breathing tests on me after he listened to my cough a few times. He then informed me that I have severe bronchitis. He prescribed me a ton of medicine and made me an appointment for next week.

So I've been miserable almost the entire break... and there is no end in sight.